African appointed as Swedish cabinet minister

oktober 04-2014 | Skandik Afrik | News

   Sweden’s elected new Prime Minister Stefan Löfven has formed a new government which consists of 23 ministers out of which half of them are women. The Prime Minister Stefan Löfven presented the Government Policy and his minister to the parliament. Apart from new faces in the ministerial list, the one that is of most interesting to the Afro-Swedish is the inclusion of Alice Bah Kuhnke as the Cultural Minister. She studied political science and has worked with Sweden Television on child programs. Recently, she worked with internet and as technical consultant. She grew up in Horde in Småland with Swedish mom and Gambia dad.

Here is the list of the 24 Ministers in the newly formed government


Stefan Löfven – Prime Minister (Social Democrat)

Åsa Romson  – Deputy Prime Minister, Climate and Environment Minister (Green Party)

Margot Wallström – Foreign Minister (Social Democrat)

Morgan Johansson – Justice Minister (Social Democrat)

Anders Ygeman – Interior Minister

Isabella Lövin – Minister for Aid (Green Party)

Alice Bah Kuhnke – Culture Minister (Green Party)

Peter Hultqvist  – Defence Minister (Social Democrat)

Annika Strandhäll – Social Insurance Minister

Gabriel Wikström – Minister For Public Health, Sport (Social Democrat)

Åsa Regnér- Minister for the Elderly, Children and Equality

Kristina Persson  – Minister for Strategy  and Future and Nordic Cooperation (Social Democrat)

Magdalena Andersson  – Finance Minister ( Social Democrat)

Per Bolund – Minister for Financial Market (Green Party)

Ardalan Shekarabi  – Civil Minister (Social Democrat)

Gustav Fridolin  – Education Minister (Green Party)

Aida Hadzialic – Minister for Upper Secondary School  and Education Standards (Social Democrats)

Helene Hellmark Knutsson –Minister for Higher Education and Research (Social Democrat)

Ibrahim Baylan  – Minister for Energy (Social Democrat)

Mikael Damberg  –Minister for Enterprise (Social Democrat)  

Mehmet Kaplan – Housing Minister (Green Party)

Anna Johansson  –  Minister for Infrastructure (Social Democrat)

Sven-Erik Bucht  – landsbygdsminister Minister for Rural Development (Social Democrat)

Ylva Johansson  – Minister for Employment (Social Democrat)





2014-10-23 14:22:52 | Sanna

Polish up the facts!

More important than the position with childrens TV (and regardless of what stereotypical label one wants to attach Alice Bahn Kunkhe), she's had the important position as Secretary General at Fairtrade Sweden and Director General at Authority for Youth and Civil Society Affairs (MUCF)Sweden. Way to go!

2014-10-08 10:07:56 | Adam

Time will tell

I will not be surprise if she does not want to have anything to do with the so-called "Africans" Anyway, it does not matter, let wait and see her performance first

2014-10-08 05:30:55 | Addy

Her contribution will tell us who she is

She is human and doesn't be labelled. Her role will tell us who she is. We just need to let time do the justice to this. Congrats to her and the rest ministers.

2014-10-07 15:19:30 | Tony

She is African not Swede.

I stand corrected. She is African, her allegiance will be to her fellow African and not the native Swedes.

2014-10-04 22:31:50 | Tony

She is not African but Swede

I am not sure she will consider herself African

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