Fatoumata Diaware gave impressive performance in Gothenburg.

mars 15-2015 | Skandik Afrik | Music

The voice blew across the old theater “Stora Teatern” in the central of Gothenburg. Tall and elegant Malian woman on African regalia clothes and hand made neck chains that reveal more of her close identity to her root. Fatoumata Diaware impressed the Swedish audience that came to watch her concert as she bare her soul to the audience through songs by touching issues relating to female genital mutilation and women right with warm voice and rhythmical guitar playing.

The positive response from the audience made her with her band to rendered an extra song.

A sold out concert with very impressive turnout, however there were very few African descendants at the concert who could connect more with her stories and songs when compared to the numbers of African livings in the city of Gothenburg and its environ.

She will be performing in Malmö, the southern part of Sweden on 16th March at Victoria theater.


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